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Web Development

Web Development is the back-end development of your site. Websites can sometimes be thought of as a just a marketing prescence, but it can actually be a valuable business tool. Websites can schedulte appointments, send reminders to customers/prospects, billing and expense report templates, etc. Give me a call and I'll be happy to discuss all your business options.

Web Design

All of my work is done using responsive design. Every site, in my opinion, should have responsive capabilities to accommodate for the screen size of any device. Re-size your browser window and watch how this site responds to the sizes as you adjust the window.

Web Hosting

Monthly hosting starts at $7.99 and includes: 100 email accounts per domain, unlimited bandwidth/traffic, MySQL and MS SQL Server, SmarterMail with mobile interface, and SmarterStats. More options are available if needed so please contact me to discuss your options.

Domain Name Registration

Domain names start at $11.99 per new registration/transfer for .com domains. A discount may be applied for bulk domain name orders. Other domain extensions are available as well. Contact me for a pricing guide.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most important parts of a website. If you can't be seen, you won't get traffic to the site. My builds are designed with this in mind. Part of my services include sitemap building and uploading to the major search engines. I also provide you with a google analytics link to help track traffic and conversions.

Fast Delivery

All inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. Every site is different and therefore the timeframe for completion will need to be discussed based on the business requirements.


Hi, thanks for scrolling down this far. I'm currently a full time employee for an email marketing company in Massachusetts where I create custom web applications based on the client's current needs. I decided to start a small freelance business so that I can help businesses succeed using modern day online business tools and continue to expand my own knowledge and career in the process.



Database Development


Javascript / JQuery

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